Atul Bhalla

Atul Bhalla documents the experience of water—from the perspective of the element itself, in the shapes and forms within which it is contained, and also from the viewers’ perspective, where it is sometimes considered pure and holy, and at other times, polluted and stagnant. His realm of exploration constitutes photography, sculpture, installation art and performances, particularly in the context of New Delhi. Through his work, he has been successful in raising awareness about the misuse of a natural resource. Bhalla, an alumnus of Delhi University, completed his Master’s degree at Northern Illinois University, USA. His solo shows like ‘Within / Without’ at Aicon Gallery, London and ‘Remarking the River’ at Project 88, Mumbai have earned him many accolades. Bhalla has also participated in numerous group exhibitions/shows including ‘Course’ at Sepia International, New York; ‘City.Cite.Site’ at Anant Art Gallery, New Delhi; ‘Relocating Masculinities’ at the School of Art and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi; and ‘ECO+ART’, a River Yamuna based art residency, organised by Khoj International Artists Association, New Delhi.