The School of Fashion and Design (SoFD) was established in 2013 in strategic collaboration with Politecnico di Milano (PDM Milan, Italy). It offers industry oriented full time design education programs in Product Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Communication Design.

The academic partnership with PDM ensures an unmatched international exposure to the students. There are regular visits of expert Politecnico faculty to the SoFD campus each semester for conducting workshops, as well as visit of SoFD students to Milan to the PDM campus and participating in workshops and exchange programs with the Politecnico di Milano campus in Milan (Italy).

Faculty at GD Goenka School of Fashion and Design comes from world-class institutions with each and every faculty representing a subject/ specialization with significant proficiency. The permanent faculty of the School includes professors from leading Indian institutions like IIT, NID, SPA, NIFT and IISc.

Facilities of SoFD include a modern IT lab with all the key software used in the different creative industries. A full-featured student workshop equipped with hand and machine tools allows in-house model making and prototyping. The Fashion Design program has a Pattern making & construction lab with different machines and facilities to allow students to explore the different aspects of garment design. All lecture rooms are equipped with multimedia facilities and campus wide wifi to enable multimodal learning.

The pedagogy of SoFD also give weightage to student engagement with the subject through lectures, workshops, hands on projects, regular field visits, attending exhibitions and conferences, and being part of industry initiatives on a regular basis. This ensures that the students develop their competencies in an innovative yet practical direction. The students also participate in various sports and cultural events, which are held regularly in the university.

As a professional institute, SoFD is committed to becoming a leading institute in the areas of design education and research, centered on the design of 'real world' products, services and systems; and to attract students of the highest caliber from around the world. We are also committed to strive towards a leadership position in design pedagogy and being a center of design research.

Website: www.gdgoenkauniversity.com/schoolofdesign/

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