Shiv Marwaha

A Gold Medallist from School of Planning and Architecture New Delhi, Shiv Marwaha has been working as a principal design consultant for various kinds of educational institutions ranging from private sector schools to rural schools to university campuses in India. Attention to detail and a clinical approach to solving problems are a hallmark of his projects, where nothing is left to chance. Designing schools for CSR initiatives has been a major focus, with special emphasis on functional, sustainable and replicable models in rural India. In addition to educational architecture, the studio has its firm presence in the field of infrastructure planning, industrial parks, transport based design, feasibility studies, urban & town planning, and interior design. Additionally, Shiv also consults with WWF India as an Advisor - Landuse and Planning, dealing with issues related to urbanisation and landuse change, in and around the critical habitats and priority landscapes. His interest in the destruction of ecology in the face of rapid urbanisation has been a major driving force for his current research.